This is how Skynet starts; by beating you at Atari games

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AI has always been a hot topic, from books to film to the real world, but as technology advances we’re quickly stepping into a world where people are actually concerned over it’s progression. That’s a bit deep for this post but the research Google has been working on lately is just a small step into that world. Google’s AI research division has successfully created AI that can beat humans at some basic classic Atari games, like Breakout. Of course Google is always looking to advanced it’s technology with AI but in particular they’re aiming at improving search results. They want to know what a person wants before they do. Which…with search results seems innocuous but really thinking about that – it’s pretty cool / scary. The project stems form a purchase Google made last year of an AI company called DeepMind.

Now the cool part – they showed the computer 49 Atari games, with no instructions on how to play. The computer was forced to watch and play; combined with a simple reward system for ‘correct’ actions it started to learn how to play and succeed. Crazy. The AI was able to beat humans at 29 of the 49 games it was shown. More complex games that involve split second thinking and planning ahead, like Pac-Man, it didn’t do as well. I’m sure it’ll get there soon enough – and we’ll have a full blown Ultron on our hands. Deciding that we should be destroyed because we can’t defeat it at Breakout. Ughh fun times ahead. [via BI]