[8-bit blast] 8-bit city home screen and between saves reading

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I’ve got too many things to post about so I’m using the old 8-bit blast to catch up. Yes, it’s lazy but most likely you’re just a Russian bot that doesn’t give a shit anyways. So the picture above is of the 8-bit home screen you can customize on your phone. Given you have a little patience and an android. Get the full details of setup and how-to over at lifehacker: The 8-Bit City Home Screen. Next up, some reading during your lunch break, the weekend or in between saves. There’s a great article over at The New Yorker, yes that New Yorker, about How Video Games Changed Popular Music. It’s a quick read and worth it. The source is from Andrew Schartmann’s new title, Koji Kondo’s Super Mario Soundtrack, which discusses the impact of that simple and highly influential soundtrack. [Engadget / Lifehacker]