[Rant] I don’t think I want a Mega Man movie

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This news has been bouncing around for awhile. But sounds like 20th Century Fox wants to make it a reality. The idea of a Mega Man movie at first split second makes me happy. It combines the two things I love – an old school gaming character I grew up with and movies. Then that split second passes and evolves into a flash back of our current list of video game movies. I start remembering such flicks as Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter and the wonderful Double Dragon. If the only reason someone remembers your video game movie because of how terrible it was – then you’re doing it wrong. Simply put, video game to film adaptations don’t have a great track record and I don’t think 20th Century Fox can change that.  But that’s the plan. 20th Century Fox, along with the production company that brought you Planet of the Apes (Chernin Entertainment), want to bring the Blue Bomber to the big screen. I couldn’t be less interested and if anything it kind of pisses me off.

I’d take an animated Mega Man movie and I hear they’re planning on an animated TV series in 2017. That’s fine. Keep him there – he doesn’t belong in the live action film universe. Because as cool as it sounds – translating that feeling and character to film just won’t work. Hollywood should focus on new, original IP not trying to bank on my child hood with updates. [via gamesindustry.biz]