Nintendo Quest is the quest we wish we could make

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There is no denying the awesomeness that is the NES. It started a cultural phenomenon and paved the way for mass consumption gaming. We all know there are tons and tons of games for the NES. Some we didn’t even see in the states – making it all that more alluring. Well, a couple of fellas decided to collect all 678 official retail-licensed titles and document it. The catch…they’re doing it in 30 days. Why, because why not? I’d guess because you can’t justify having a camera follow you around and document your progress. It’s quite the mission. Their quest…Nintendo Quest to be exact…is streaming on Vimeo. You can rent or buy it. Based on the trailer (below) it looks like it’s not only an adventure but a path of discovery of the unknown. Or something.  [via: /film]

Nintendo Quest from Vision Films on Vimeo.