Extra Bits – Star Wars Rogue One 16-bit trailer

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At first, the thought of spin off Star Wars films scared me. It’s clearly Disney milking the cash cow – which makes sense – they did invest a few dollars for this. But at what end? At what point do we need every detail from the original trilogy explained in it’s own film? We don’t need a Han Solo backstory – his back story was summed up perfectly in the famous scene with Greedo – the one where HAN shot first. That’s what makes that character great. In one simple scene you immediately know who he is, what motivates him and how bad ass he is. Same goes for the Death Star plans from A New Hope. We understand they were stolen and that probably was a tough job but not knowing the details opened the imagination. You didn’t need to know how. You assumed it was a dangerous adventure. In the end it wasn’t necessary to understand the big picture story Star Wars had laid out. But, here we are with our first spin off flick and, honestly, after seeing the first trailer – I got instantly excited. Bastards got me. Although there are rumors of very expensive reshoots I’m still looking forward to Rogue One. Ok…now that’s over. The folks over at JoBlo Movie Trailers have made a 16-bit version of the first Rogue One trailer, because this is what the internet does. Bonus points to them for the Kyle Katarn reference. Enjoy. [via: GameInformer | Source: JoBlo Movie Trailers]