Atari pushing ‘Missile Command’ & ‘Centipede’ movies

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File under things I don’t need in my life – a ‘Missile Command’ & ‘Centipede’ movie. While Hollywood struggles for original content and focused more than ever on the super hero (which I have no issues with unless they’re terrible) the video game genre has always been ripe for the picking but always poorly executed on. We’ve seen our fair share of terrible adaptations of video games, with no one being able to get it right. Newer titles, like Assassin’s Creed seem to have potential, but digging through the classics, to me, doesn’t seem to make sense. Wasn’t War Games basically ‘Missile Command’? And ‘Centipede’ is just going to be another alien invasion flick? Either way, Atari is pushing it’s “brand” more than ever (now into connected home systems?) and have been working on making these movies happen – in particular ‘Missile Command’. They’ve been trying since 2010 so hopefully that means people are realizing it’s a bad idea and will stay away from it. Only time will tell. [via: engadget | source: Deadline Hollywood]