Get 8bits on your feet with Vans Nintendo themed sneakers

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Vans have been known to do themed sneakers from Star Wars to Disney to the Beatles. Now, it’s Nintendo and the 8bit world. I’m filing this under 8bit Cool Stuff and Crap because it’s a split for me. I, personally, wouldn’t be caught dead in these but that’s me. I also have a terrible sense of fashion. Someone else I’m sure will find these to be amazing and will wear them well. That’s great. What I find funny about this is that the demographic that would buy them most likely had a Playstation before they had an NES. Which is fine. Just a funny thought to me. But, hey, spreading 8bit love is what we’re about. So I’ll stop being so crusty about inanimate objects…again. If you want to show off your 8bit cred via your feet I believe these are out for the buying. There are a handful of variations so be sure to choose the right one or you may look like an idiot. Now, go forth youngling…purchase…wear…and be proud of your 8bit cred. [via: engadget | source: vans]