Need more NES nostalgia? Buy this book

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I’m not saying you should buy it. They didn’t tell me to tell you to buy it. I’m just saying – if you’re into this big retro push lately around the NES then there’s a cool book you might like. That’s all. As we all know the NES Classic Mini is coming soon – November 11th to be exact. To add to that nostalgia Prima Games has put together a book, a “A Veritable Love Letter to Nintendo Fans!” as they put it, that will coincide with the Classic Mini release. Actually, it comes out a week later but can be pre-ordered today! The book, according to the site, will contain; a retrospective on 17 NES classics—including Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and The Legend of Zelda, interviews and commentary from Nintendo visionaries, a showcase of vintage ads, excerpts from Nintendo Power magazine back issues and hand-drawn maps, characters and game environment art…and some. Sounds like a nice addition to the 8-bit bookshelf. On top of all that it’s enclosed in a slipcover that…wait for it…looks like an NES cartridge. Right? Come on! Looks like it costs in the $26 – $28 range depending where you go. [via: Engadget | source: Prima Games]