[8-bit Blast] An 8-bit web app drum machine, Nintendo Power backlog and more…

8-bit blast
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I feel like I always start these [8-bit Blasts] off with, “I’ve been lazy…” but this time I’m not going to. It’s a mixed bag, and, like most of the posts here, it’ll be quick as I don’t have much in me right now. I just got back from a beerfest in Denver and I need the week to recover. But let’s get started…

Build an 8-bit drum machine using web audio, SVG and multitouch 


Smashing Magazine always has some fun, in-depth, get your hands dirty kind of posts. I love them. And this one doesn’t tread lightly. You’ll get into the details of actually building this drum pad pictured above. Originally built as a fun demo for Build2016 the real purpose of this small web app…”is to illustrate how you can easily provide a temporary offline experience when your hosted web app loses Internet connectivity.” So it’s more than just a showcase of some simple 8-bit sounds. Now, go, get to learning and building! [source: Smashing Magazine]

Go ahead and read the first 13 years of Nintendo Power – oh wait – cease and desist please


I have to agree with David Lumb over at Engadget – it is worth it just for the cover art alone. Well, at least by the above screengrab it would’ve been. As a former (long time ago) subscriber to Nintendo Power in the physical format this is, would’ve been, a nice revisit to gaming history.  But, apparently the collection has vanished, and as alluded to in the Engadget article…most likely Nintendo caught wind and shut the party down. But, hey, you can still read the Archive.org Nintendo Power about page! Lame sauce. [source: Engadget | image: Engadget]

Everything goes mini!! Introducing the, slightly cheaper, Analogue NT Mini

We are in a world of miniature things thentminise days. You probably remember the Analogue NT – the high end, more fance in you pants than you can handle, NES system. Not an emulator and not some famiclone POS that may or may not work / be compatible with every title. It’s legit. And expensive. Well, they miniaturized it and lowered the price to…$449. Like I said, cheaper-ish. Of course with this miniaturization you won’t have original parts, BUT, the folks at Analogue aren’t effin’ around here. This is a legit clone with a backed guarantee from a guy that works there. I promise he said that. Sooo it may not contain the guts of an original but what these days is original, I ask? Amirite? [via: Ars Technica | source: Analogue NT]

[Extra Bits] Disney’s 16-bit titles Aladdin, Lion King and Jungle Book get an update

disney16bitWow! Someone actually got this right, and didn’t label actual 16-bit titles as 8-bit. You might remember back in the 90’s (some of you at least) how much Aladdin, Lion King and Jungle Book dominated. Well, they still dominate and all are going through live action film updates so…there’s that.  Guy Ritchie? Really? For frack sake and…for another blog. Anyways, these all had games back in the 90’s for the Sega Genesis, Super NES and were ported across a few other consoles (Amiga, PC etc). These games at the time were groundbreaking for their art style using hand drawn “Digicel” tech. Love tech. Long story short, GOG.com has said the “meticulously updated” titles will be new for PC (not entirely true but hey marketing!) and will preserve “original graphics and sound” – gotta love the attention to nostalgia. You can get each DRM free title for $10 / each or all tres for $20. Your move, gamer-man. [via: engadget | source: GOG.com]