The Nintendo hint service ‘Power Line’ will be available Nov 11 – 13

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Back in the day you couldn’t just Google or find a YouTube video walkthrough of a game’s level. You had to earn it by pouring countless hours into trial and errors or wasting that precious clock time to discover hidden areas. Back then…things were made out of wood. Nowadays, if you’re stuck leveling up your character, or having a hard time finding that hidden gem to get an achievement, you can simply look it up on your phone will you laze away on the couch. In celebration (I guess?) of the NES Classic Mini being released this week Nintendo is reviving it’s old hint line, the “Power Line“, for one weekend only. The hint line, if you’re not old enough to remember, was a service that you could call up using your land line (a phone with a cable attached to it) and get a tip / hint for the game you were playing. This time around you’ll not only get tips / hints but stories from folks that manned the lines back then. The Power Line will be available¬†between 9AM and 10PM Eastern each day (until the night of the 13th) @¬†425-885-7529. In a big retro push it’s cool to see Nintendo following through across the board from classic ads to, now, this. They’ve got my $60. [via Engadget | source Nintendo]