8-bit beer is smoother than you’d expect

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I went to Denver a couple months ago for a beer festival. The Great American Beer Festival to be exact. It was a great weekend of food, beer and friends. One evening we decided to stay in at our AirBnB and take it easy. I mean, we had been at a beerfest all day and by 8 / 9 pm you start to lose steam. I’m also an old guy so that doesn’t help. Either way, we stopped by a local package store, beer store, liquor store (whatever you call it in your neighborhood) and pick up something to finish our night with. While I was perusing the options I came across some 8-bit beer (pictured above). Obviously, I had to get some. I’m not a huge pale ale or IPA fan, more of a stout / porter beer lover, but had to try it. 8-bit pale ale is made by Tallgrass Brewing in Manhatten, KS (hence probably why I don’t see here in Boston). As not a big pale ale fan I actually enjoyed it – it also rated decently on BeerAdvocate if you’re into beer ratings. Much smoother than I expected (that’s not an 8-bit pun but you can take it that way if you want) and certainly had the subtle fruit flavors as described on the site. If you’re ever in KS or a state that carries it – give it a whirl. But, as always, 8-bit responsibly.