How to enjoy that classic CRT filter on your NES Classic Mini

NES Classic Mini CRT mode
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I feel like this is all I’ve written about for the last 3 months. I haven’t been hunting the 8-bit news like I used to so, in my laziness, I just write about whatever I’ve pooled together. But whatever. If you’re reading this I’d be surprised. As we all know the NES Classic Mini is out and…sold out. I tried to grab one and the guy at my local gaming store pretty laughed in my face. In a nice way. And, unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars on eBay (8-bit Tip: Don’t. Just build your own on a raspberry pi) you’re basically SOL on getting one of these little bastards. But, if you do have one (fancy for you) you have some extra options to get that classic 8-bit feel. For example, you can flip on the CRT filter to get that old tube TV image that most of us remember. You can see the difference in the image above. On the left is pixel perfect mode and right is CRT. It’s a pretty cool added feature that really hammers home the nostalgia, but we’ll never know. [via: The Verge | image: The Verge]