[Extra bits] Overwatch as a sidescrolling NES classic

Overwatch NES
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I might be one of the few that doesn’t quite get Overwatch. By me even saying that I’m sure the internet can feel a disturbance in the force. I have plenty of friends who love it. I tried it but it was just too much for me. I’m realizing, in my older age, I need less flash and more, something to do that has goals tied to an end game. Like life. Which is depressing as hell. Story driven is my cup-o-tea when it comes to games. But that’s just me and I can understand the madness for Overwatch. I have no problem with that. Now, as a sidescrolling NES shooter you have my attention. YouTube channel¬†Rkade Soup has created an NES version, which they admit isn’t 100% 8-bit and we appreciate that, of the hugely popular game as a co-op – shooter – beat ’em up. It’s perfect and I’d play the s**t out of it. Check out the gameplay video below. [via: GameInformer¬†| source: YouTube Rkade Soup]