Ultimate Famicom unboxing

Famicom Unboxing
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The unboxing ritual we see captured on every tech blog isn’t anything new. Since the dawn of new packaged technology, people have been unboxing. The excitement. The first smell of new plastic. The organizing and accounting for all expected parts within their own individual packaging is all part of it. Then the setup, and crossing of fingers, to make sure your new tech works…frankly you have to experience it. Don’t let someone else experience it for you on some YouTube channel. You need that tactile sensation. Of course we always associate unboxing with “new” but what about old? Like 30 years old? Well, Nintendo tested this by unboxing a 30 year old “new…old?” Famicom system. A system, of many apparently, buried in a storage room…aka a nerd fallout shelter.

Famicom Unbox

Why you ask? Well, first off, cause it’s awesome. Second, Nintendo did it as part of a retrospective series around the Legend of Zelda. Best part of this whole unboxing experience is they plugged it in, fired it up (with no issue) and played Legend of Zelda. Love it. Check out more photos, plus video, of this 30 year old Famicom unboxing on Nintendo’s Japanese site. [via: The Verge | source: Nintendo]