Forget the NES Classic Mini, build your own retro system with an old CRT

retro CRT NES
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Unless you’ve been living under an 8-bit rock you’ve heard of the NES Classic Mini. I’ve written about it more than I’d like to admit. I even tried to get one which ended quickly and with very little excitement. You also, probably, know it’s just an emulator in a mini NES casing. It’s not that special except that it’s official Nintendo. But lucky for all of us that couldn’t buy one, in that 10 min window when they went on sale, these aren’t hard to build these days. Even if you’re not technically savvy. If you can watch a YouTube video, follow instructions, you can build a simple one yourself. Get a Raspberry Pi, load it up with EmulationStation , make a few tweaks and you’re off and retro gaming. But if you’d like to get that real retro feel and take your DIYing game up a notch. Check out the Hackaday post by Jon and how he built the truly retro system pictured above – CRT TV and all. Not sure I need this but it is pretty cool and certainly looks like a fun advanced DIY project. [via: LifeHacker | source:]