Nintendo released original manuals for the NES Classic Mini

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Ok. Outside of not producing enough, which could be argued as the most important, Nintendo did an all around awesome job with the release of the NES Classic Mini. They brought back the old power hotline, the retro ads AND included digital versions of the original instruction manuals for each game. The last one I really enjoy. As Sam at Ars mentioned, I also fondly remember reading the manuals at any given time. It was part of the fun of getting a new game. Usually you could knock out a manual on the car ride home, from your favorite NES game providing store (mine was Toys ‘R Us), and be ready to battle as soon as you fired it up. Damn them for making me feel the feels – so much f**king nostalgia right now!

The manuals aren’t short on quality either. I enjoy how they provide both an electronic and printed version – so you could print out the original and read it like it was 1980-something all over again. I could see a serious hipster printing these all out in original format, on that lovely glossy paper and reading on the bus like it’s something new. Sidenote: Final Fantasy was a beast! [via: Ars Technica | source: Nintendo]