Original Metroid soundtrack made with analog synths is…perfect

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If there is one game that defines my childhood NES experience it’s Metroid. It was such a perfect game in every sense to me. From soundtrack to the world to the sci-fi awesomeness down to the amazing surprise at the end. Most 8-bit soundtrack recreations are done in chiptune style and / or remixed in some fashion. Some are good…some are terrible but I’d say the following falls in the great category. YouTube user Luminist decided to remake the entire Metroid soundtrack with a Korg MS20 Mini giving it 80’s style synth sound and it’s just…beautiful. It just goes to show how epic the soundtrack originally was but with this very, as GameInformer points out and I totally agree with, John Carpenter vibe. It also highlights how effin dark that soundtrack was. You can check out the entire soundtrack via YouTube. Definitely some ringtone nominees in here. Check out the main title below. [via: GameInformer | source: NeoGAF]