Ninja Gaiden’s soundtrack is getting remastered

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30 years later the classic soundtrack is getting remastered and released on CD, vinyl (for the kids) and digitally. Brave Wave Productions is leading the charge in association with KOEI TECMO and the original composers. Original composer being Keiji Yamagishi who, straight out of University, created the beloved soundtrack to one of the all time classic games. He would also create soundtracks for Dynasty Warrior and Tecmo Bowl along with the Ninja Gaiden sequels. The remaster has apparently been a year in the making and will be released sometime in 2017.

The soundtrack is being released in 2 volumes – Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 1 and, wait for it, Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2. The first volume will include the original NES and arcade version soundtracks. Vol 2 will include Ninja Gaiden 2 and 3. The plan is to record the soundtracks from original hardware, sprinkle a little modern day remaster magic on them, make them crisp, clear while “ensuring the most pristine sound possible.” This will be an easy add to the ‘focus and work’ playlist…or ‘kick ass as a ninja’ playlist. [via: The Verge | source: Brave Wave | image: KOEI TECMO]