Need a wireless controller for that rare NES Mini you have?

NES Mini controllers & retro DIY gaming
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Ughhhhhh enough already about the NES Mini! If I could only stop myself from writing about it. I can’t. It’s like crack (I’ve never had crack but from what I hear…it’s addictive). Maybe I do it out of jealousy or hope that one will just be given to me. Or, I don’t know. Who cares. If you’re one of the very lucky few that actually has an NES Mini (Read: 1.5 million sold and Nintendo apologizes to the rest of us) then you probably at some point bitched about had issue with having to sit 2 feet away from your TV. Well, rejoice! 8Bitdo has a solution for you! There are plenty of wireless controller options out there but it seems 8Bitdo has a pretty solid offering (@ ~$40). Pretty straightforward – bluetooth dongle attaches to the NES Mini, you play with a wireless recreated NES controller with ~20 hrs of battery life. I may pick one up for my DIY classic NES since I don’t see Nintendo actually making more, and I’m not falling for drummed up publicity for something called a Switch. The NES30 Classic Edition, as it’s called, is currently on sale via Amazon.  [via: The Verge | source: 8Bitdo]