RetroEngine Sigma is the all-in-one retro gaming system

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Another day, another retro gaming console. The retro market is making such a comeback it’s becoming not retro anymore. We have plenty of classic gaming emulators out there; we have the NES Mini Classic (which I feel like I write about weekly but that’s because I’m lazy), we have the AnalogueNT, we have the AVS retroUSB, and of course you could just make one yourself or go really DIY and make one with a CRT. Or you could get the RetroEngine Sigma and not only have a ridiculous classic gaming catalog at your disposal, BUT also have a media center, and what some would just call a computer so you could “write a novel or surf YouTube.” The sky’s the limit!

The console will come with 15 pre-loaded games but since this is just a computer – you can download any emulator you find. The console comes with the usual peripherals expected on a modern computer; HDMI output, USB, expansion ports and BT peripherals via dongle. Looks like there are currently two options for purchase; $79 for the 32 GB model and $129 for the 164 GB. Both shipping in July 2017.  [via: ProductHunt | source: IndieGoGo]