[Extra Bits] La La Land goes dance dance 8-bit revolution

8-bit La La Land
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I’m not a huge musical person. I respect their place in cinematic history but they’re just not for me. When La La Land was first getting promoted it was safe to say I had little to no interest in seeing it. I do enjoy the Gos (who doesn’t amirite?) and Emma Stone has been pretty great in recent roles – I’m even a fan of Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash…mostly for the ridiculously awesome J.K. Simmons. But Damien’s jump to La La Land didn’t quite grab my interest. It was all the buzz at the Oscars, even with the Oscar Fail, and has been cited as a fantastic throwback to some classic musicals. Now, thanks to CineFix, we get to enjoy it in 8-bit. I feel like this would be a good game for the Power Pad. For not having seen the movie…it looks pretty damn depressing and if you haven’t seen it – beware of spoilers in the video below. [via: IndieWire | source: CineFix]