[8-bit Roundup] NES Classic Mini controllers & more DIY retro gaming

NES Mini controllers & retro DIY gaming
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It’s Sunday. I’m feeling a tad lazy but wanted to write something. What better way to quench the writing thirst (if you can call this writing) and squashing the procrastination bug than getting my 8-bit post on. It’ll also make me feel better about the 2 hours of Ghost Recon I’m about to play. Had some old stuff to share here. First off, is a few options for those that own an NES Classic Mini and don’t want to sit 2 ft away from the TV. The Verge put together a solid list of bluetooth controllers with pro/con breakdown and quality of each. Head over to there to see how you can improve your mini NES-ing now. Long story short, they call out the 8Bitdo NES30 Classic Edition Wireless Controller Set with Bluetooth Retro Receiver as the best option. A tad pricier but worth the extra cash. [via: The Verge]

Now, it’s DIY time! I’m a huge fan of DIY. Although, sadly, I haven’t done a project in a long time, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Or from sharing to whoever is actually reading this site. (Hi, Mom!) Ars Technica has a solid guide for building your own retro mini system with a CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 and RetroPie. It’s a very detailed guide with everything you need to get started and start retro gaming on your own. Check it out over at Ars. [via: Ars Technica]