Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ is still a terror in this 8-bit remake

Home Alone 8-bit trailer
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It’s not Christmas. I know. But does it matter? Our friends, CineFix…actually I shouldn’t say that…I know no one over there…I’ve never talked to them…or even tried to…so I can’t even begin to declare them friends.  I just feel I’ve shared so many of their videos…and we have such similar tastes that…just maybe…we could be friends. And I’m not talking Facebook friends…we all know those aren’t real friends. I’m talking…let’s have a beer type friends. Maybe…someday. Anyways, they made another one of their famous 8-bit videos which we love. This time recreating the terrifying events of the ‘Home Alone’ story. It’s not #1 on the Christmas list of flicks (it’s in the top 5 tho, obviously Die Hard is #1) but Home Alone is a classic for those who love to watch children physically and mentally hurt grown, possibly mentally ill, adults. Yeah…now you feel bad about it, don’t you? Enjoy! [via: NoFilmSchool | source: CineFix]