Mega Man Mobile is mega disaster?

Mega Man Mobile Android and iOS
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Mega Man is quintessential classic NES gaming. From music, to characters to it being…unbelievably difficult. So it being released on mobile platforms is both exciting but also a bit concerning. Concerning because I haven’t played a classic game on mobile yet that can handle the old D-pad correctly. I’m looking at you Final Fantasy! Capcom had announced (awhile ago now and you should know better, of course this is old news) that they were planning on releasing the first two of six installments on Android and iOS. Which they did at $1.99 per game. I have yet to download because of my previous disappointments with classic gaming on mobile. But, mainly it’s because I’m reading that the games themselves are…pretty bad. Between bad sound, off tones and poor framerate (really, this is an issue for a game this old?) you might be better off skipping these and taking the time to build your own retro system. [via: GameInformer & Ars Technica | source: Capcom]