NJ Devils had a retro night – it looked awesome

NJ Devils retro night
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Retro, retro, retro. It’s the new buzz word. But I don’t mind since it really plays up to my childhood and all the things I loved as a kid. So retro away everyone. Keep it coming. The NJ Devils took this retro idea and ran with it creating an opening ceremony that was a perfectly orchestrated medley of 80’s awesomeness. I know what you’re saying, but Russ, this is old news. The Devils are beyond out of the Cup race. And I’d say yes, that’s correct, but it’s never to late to share cool shit. So…there. The Devils hosted “Retro Night” against the Washington Capitals (they lost 5 – 2, but most teams lost the Caps this season) and after watching this video they didn’t miss a beat. [via Yahoo Sports]

Here is the video in wonderful Twitter format:

And here is what the crowd saw in NJ…should note it looks like NJ fans also show up late…like they do in Boston: