12 crafty gaming beers

8-bit beer for gamers
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There’s nothing like enjoying a good beer. Or playing a great game. Fortunately, we live in a great time for both. We’re in the middle of a beer renaissance¬†where there is literally a flavor for everyone. It’s almost intimidating and annoying at the amount of options we have. We’re getting to a point where beers are either; so extreme you only want 4oz of it, or just another version of something else – giving us…mediocre. As for video games we’re in a similar position. Gaming is a huge industry – we’re getting some amazing games but we’re also getting plenty of cookie cutter, open world, collect everything on the map, and deal with our shitty bugs games that we seem to just accept as ‘good’.

I forgot where I was going with all of this – oh, right. Gaming beers. GameInformer compiled a nice list (a dozen to be exact) of beers that will pair nicely with any game. Sadly, most of the beers are in the IPA category – a category of beer I’m not a huge fan of, but I’m not one to say no to a Konkey Dong Double IPA by Hoof Hearted Brewery. I’d certainly be all over the Pilsnerd by Brothers Craft Brewery. I’ve even tried the 8-bit Pale Ale. Head over to GameInformer to check out the full list plus descriptions. They even pulled the Beer Advocate scores for you. [via: GameInformer]