[Extra bits] Spider Man: Homecoming trailer goes 8-bit

Spider Man Homecoming 8 bit trailer
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Yes, we have another version of Spider-Man coming soon to a theater near you. This time at least it’s in the creative hands of Marvel and their (hate it all you want it is impressive what they’ve done) unreal cinematic universe. After getting a very real and solid taste of this new Spidey in Civil War I think we’re all very excited about this new…refresh…of the character. It also helps to throw RDJ and a little Iron Man in there. I also like the fact that it feels like it actually takes place during the high school years. Now, the reason I’m here is, you’ve seen the trailer, now see it in….8-bit (possibly more bits but that seems to be up for debate with these videos, spoilers: they’re 16-bit but 16-bit doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it as 8-bit, plus 8-bit is all the rage now). Video come courtesy of JoBlo Movie Trailers. [via: GameInformer | source: JoBlo Movie Trailers]