[Extra bits] Star Wars Last Jedi trailer is 8-bitified but is actually 16-bitified

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There are only so many times this can be allowed to happen. These trailers, and videos, that are tagged as being 8-bit but are actually 16-bit…it must be stopped! It really just makes me wonder. Do the people who make these videos know the difference or are they really just playing up the 8-bit because it’s what’s cool? Whatever. As annoying as the mis-label is I still enjoy them. Next up, Star Wars The Last Jedi. Anticipation couldn’t be higher for a film and I’m very excited to see what Rian Johnson does with it. As soon as it was announced that he’d be at the helm for episode VIII there was an instant sigh of relief. Great talent that will do the series proud. If you’re not familiar with his work just go watch…all of it (Brick, Looper etc). Now, enough smoke blowing and to the good stuff. Check out the 8-bit 16-bit trailer below. [via: /film | source: JoBlo Videos]