[Extra bits] Rumor has it we’ll see a Mini SNES this Christmas

SNES mini console for Christmas
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As we all know the NES Mini Classic was a smash hit. So much so, Nintendo decided to stop making it. Because that’s what you do when something is in high demand, apparently. With the Switch selling like hot cakes, the NES Mini Classic flew off the shelves, why not try your luck with a mini SNES? The kids will love it. Apparently that’s the rumored plan. From Eurogamer citing “sources close to the company“, as is always the case, we just might see a mini SNES before year’s end. Sounds cool. It’ll certainly sell out just as quickly as the NES mini did. I’ll be sure to nonchalantly visit my local gaming store to only be told it’s sold out. But knowing I put the effort in will allow me to sleep better at night. I’m just waiting on that mini Neo-Geo we all desperately need. [via: The Verge | source: Eurogamer]