Gameband is Atari’s gamer watch that might tell time too

Gameband by Atari
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I have no use for a smart watch. Just getting that out of the way before I go on a little rant about Atari’s Gameband. Gameband, so you know, is a smart watch for gamers. Because gamers need another, much smaller, mobile device to play games on. Gameband comes in two flavors; the Atari version which comes in the Atari red and launches with such classics as, PongCrystal Castles, and Asteroids, and the Terraria version, which comes with an exclusive mini-game based off the original game.

It’s got a list of cool specs like; a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, a 400mAh battery, expandable microSD slot with up to 256GB of storage, USB-C, Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi and includes an accelerometer, gyro sensor, and light sensor. All the specs a growing smart watch needs. On ship day Gameband will include up to 20 mini games and your usual suspects of smart watch apps. This is where I usually drop my dad joke (I’m not even a dad btw) to people who have smart watches and go through all the cool features and apps it has, I’ll wait, then ask, “yeah, but does it tell time?” Usually I get an eye roll, then said person leaves me alone because they know deep down they’re an idiot for spending so much money on something that is a luxury of uselessness. I digress. Gameband even comes with a video (not the watch itself but the marketing of it) that after watching, made me think this was a joke. It’s not.

I think the problem with smart watches is that they all look the same. Watches are about style, intricate design and the simple functionality of telling time. Technology is taking that elegance and craftsmanship away and replacing it with battery size, processors and Wi-Fi. A craft in of itself but will always look dumb on a wrist. But, hey, if the kids love it… [via: The Verge | source: Kickstarter]