[Extra bits] Super NES Classic Edition is coming September 29th for $80

SNES Classic Edition
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This was more obvious than a Zack Snyder twist. After the NES Classic Edition was the talk of the gaming town it only seemed clear the next step was to get the SNES on that mini bandwagon. The SNES Classic Edition will ship with 20 games (all the fan favorites including a never released Star Fox title), two controllers with longer cables than the NES Classic (they listened!) and a boatload of nostalgia. Amazon UK already had a pre-order up which now says unavailable, which I’m expecting to the be case most of the time. BUT, Nintendo did say there isn’t a limit to the number of consoles sold but they’re only going to ship the mini SNES from it’s launch date to the end of 2017 with no guarantees of increased production. Damn you Nintendo and your supply and demand shenanigans!! Keep an eye out for this one cause it’ll go just as quick as the NES mini. [via: The Verge | source: Nintendo]