[Extra bits] Thor: Ragnarok 16-bit trailer

Thor Ragnarok 8bit trailer
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Of all the Marvel flicks in the MCU I’d say, and only my opinion, that the standalone Thor and Hulk films are the weakest of the bunch. I’ve heard Thor: Dark Worlds is actually pretty good but have yet to take the time to see if that claim is true or not. My guess why they’re not as interesting is it’s pretty tough to have stakes, that not only mere mortals like ourselves can relate to, but that really have an impact on the two strongest characters in the MCU. So how do you fix that? You put them both in a galactic road trip buddy comedy and see where that lands. Based on the first trailer Thor: Ragnarok looks like a blast (although trailers have been deceiving before when set to an awesome classic rock song ahem Suicide Squad).  Of course, I trust Marvel more than DC to make a decent super hero movie and I’m pretty excited to see what Taika Waititi has in store for us. Plus Jeff Goldblum, and Cate Blanchett as the villain…it’d be tough to go wrong. Now the reason we’re really here is to check out what Thor: Ragnarok might look like as an 8-bit 16-bit game. [via: /film | source: JoBlo Videos]