NES fan art looks like remastered versions of classics

NES titles painted over
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I’ve always been a stickler for keeping the classics as is. I rarely like when bands cover songs as I feel the original loses it’s sense when taken out of context. I always prefer to see an old NES turned into a working NES…not some lunchbox or flower box for useless parading around of the retro vibe just to be cool. I don’t want unnecessary sequels to films that stand the test of time (except Blade Runner 2049…I’m looking forward to that awesomeness). I guess I like to hang on to what I know and love and seeing it modified to fit a current world – isn’t necessary just cause it can be done. BUT, I’ll admit after seeing Reddit user andres1984‘s painted over screenshots…these fall into the exception for me if they were the basis for remastered versions. He’s put together a few already – you can check them out at Part I, Part II and Part III. Below are from the second run and they manage to maintain the simplicity of the game, while adding subtle updates that bring a refreshing energy. These are the covers I don’t mind. Check them all out cause they are something to appreciate. Hopefully he has more on the way, because I highly doubt Nintendo would ever update / remaster their games like this. But who knows. [via: Tim | source: Reddit]