Challenge accepted, now entering the mini console battle is the Ataribox

Ataribox mini retro console for your soul
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It’s mini. It’s retro. It’s a console. It’s a mini retro console! Ataribox, from the company that is now Atari, is the latest mini console to hit the market. Clearly seeing Nintendo’s mini console madness crush it, Atari has decided to up the old school ante by releasing an updated version of their classic 2600. Not many details in the wild yet but we do know it’ll come in two versions – which I shall dub thee retro wood and retro red versions. ┬áSome “promised” features include SD card support, HDMI and four USB ports. The big differentiator is this lil puppy will play both classic and current titles. Not sure what “current” means but we’re along for the ride. Specs, pricing and everything in between are on the way but the company is slowly rolling this out because they, “want to get this right.” So do we…so do we. [via: Ars Technica | source: Ataribox]