Remastered ‘OK Computer’ includes a secret 8-bit message

Radiohead 8bit message Ok Computer remaster
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I like Easter Eggs. I like Radiohead. I like OK Computer. Putting a hidden 8-bit message in the Remastered version of OK Computer, that, I love. In Radiohead’s recently released remaster they included a nice little message that can only be uncovered using a British 8-bit ZX Spectrum computer, or an emulator of one. The Easter Egg is in the $130 version of OKNOTOK which includes;┬áthree black 12-inch vinyl records, a hardcover book with more than 30 drawings, and a classic C90 cassette. The cassette is where you can find the start of the hidden message which is just the sound of a ZX Spectrum firing up and beeping. No human can translate (well, maybe some Cylon living among us could) but can be read with an emulator. Wherein lies the actual message – which I don’t plan on transcribing here. Feel like that’s a spoiler. Here is a YouTube link to a user that uncovered and shows the message. Otherwise…you’re on your own. [via: The Verge | source: Radiohead?]