NES controller coffee table holds your coffee too

Retro-bit NES Controller coffee table
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Part coffee table. Part NES controller. All retro. This Retro-bit Mega Table feels like it falls more in the category of ‘meh’ when it comes to being impressed. From the quick video review below, and basic common sense, it sounds like it’s not very functional as a NES controller. Sure, that’s probably obvious but then it just becomes an annoying uneven coffee table. It’ll also set you back about $500. It does connect to basically whatever emulation unit you have and can even connect to an original NES, if you have one. This has a gimmick level of staying power, that will be hard to explain to friends that you dished out $500 for a coffee table that kinda works as a NES controller. [via: The Verge | source: Retro-bit | photo: The Verge]