Behold ‘Breath of the NES’ a fan made 8-bit Zelda game

Breath of the NES 8-bit
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I’m going to get this out of the way quickly. I haven’t played ‘Breath of the Wild’ yet. It’s on a very long list of backlog games I have (I see you Witcher 3) and considering I don’t own a Switch yet…it could be awhile before I get to it. I’d probably hold off playing developer WinterDrake’s 8-bit homage to the 8-bit prototype Nintendo used in developing Breath of the Wild. ┬áIt’s an awesome concept that is ripe for a cease and desist order. Which I’m surprised hasn’t happened yet. BUT there is a plan when (not if…cause it will) that happens – which is to swap out the Zelda characters with original ones and keep the party rolling. In the gameplay video below you can see the game sports a more destructible environment with some nice lighting mechanics all with that sweet 8-bit feel. The game has been developed using Game Maker Studio in just a couple months. You can follow development on WinterDrake’s Twitter account but it looks like it’s on hold right now. Cause you know…life. [via: Engadget | source: WinterDrake]