‘It’ browser game is an easy distraction

It 8-bit game
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I don’t get really excited for horror flicks. I like them here and there, and prefer the psychological horror more than straight up gore fests. Think that’s why I’m looking forward to the new ‘It’. I’ve seen the original TV movie and it was ok at the time, became more of a novelty as time passed as it doesn’t really hold up, but Tim Curry was pretty terrifying and really the only redeeming quality. But this remake / reboot whatever you want to call it (no pun intended) – looks solid. With ‘It’ coming soon the marketing department is on full push and since retro is in…and based on when the film takes place…of course an 8-bit game (which isn’t really 8-bit just pixelated images grrr) makes sense as part of the push. It’s simple. Pop balloons…don’t hit anything else. [via: IndieWire | source: It the game]