[DIY 8-bit] Build an NES game in C

Very first NES ad
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I’m a big fan of DIY projects. From retro controllers to cosplay to retro consoles I think it’s the best way to learn and, of course, it pays off with some cool new toys you can call your own. This next project might be tough to top as it’s programming your own NES game in C. ┬áNESdoug has provided a great step-by-step guide over at his site NESdoug.com. You can also visit NESdev wiki for more resources. Now, I’ve skimmed the tutorial and, while it’s not necessarily beginner level, if you put a little effort, a little Googling and some patience towards it – it’s not hard to follow even for a casual or novice programmer. In the end you get your very own NES game…which is fracking awesome. [via Hacker News | source NESdoug.com]