Animated short ‘JUMPY’ captures frustration of trial and error gaming and so much more

JUMPY animated short film
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We’ve all been there. That pit, that puzzle, that one part of a level that feels like it just can’t be done (No need to point out any obvious metaphors / parallels to life here…but I am by saying this). You keep trying and trying then, after a point, frustration sets in beyond your control, making you inept, and error prone with sections you had burned into muscle memory. Then you go from frustration to anger to giving up and giving in to the fact that you can’t do something. You accept that you can’t and you say…f**k it…I’m OK with who I am and what I can or can’t do, but not after trying and putting everything you have into it. TheĀ animated short JUMPY, written and directed by Anthony Falleroni, captures this perfectly in under 4 min. On top of all that it’s pretty damn adorable. Check it out below. [via FilmSchoolRejects | source Vimeo]

JUMPY | Animated Short Film from Anthony Falleroni on Vimeo.