The Switch contains an emulator with NES game ‘Golf’

Nintendo Switch contains Golf emulator
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This is a fun one. Modders have discovered a hidden emulator in the Nintendo Switch’s firmware. It’s described as “flog” NES emulator. What NES game does it emulate? Nintendo’s classic Golf obviously (In case you missed it “flog” backwards is Golf). What’s interesting about this find is that the game screen, as can be seen in the feature image above, shows Switch controller icons for how to play. Meaning this was clearly a planned game test / add by Nintendo. Which begs the question – does Nintendo plan to include more NES games via this emulator? After seeing the success of their NES Classic Mini people would clearly dish out cold hard cash for old school games. Nintendo would easily have the best backwards compatible games on the market. Either way, this is a nice hidden Easter Egg but hopefully it’s more than just that. [via: GameInformer¬†| source:]