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Gameband by Atari 8-bit Crap

Gameband is Atari’s gamer watch that might tell time too

I have no use for a smart watch. Just getting that out of the way before I go on a little rant about Atari’s Gameband. Gameband, so you know, is a smart watch for gamers. Because gamers need another, much smaller, mobile device to play games on. Gameband comes in two…

Wonder Woman 8-bit trailer 8-bit Film

[Extra bits] Wonder Woman 8-bit trailer

I recently caught a showing of Wonder Woman and must say it was a fun flick. Easily the best of the current DC universe, which I know isn’t saying much but it means something for DC to turn around their shit show of a film universe. It had the right…

Castlevania animated series on Netflix 8-bit Cool Stuff

An animated Castlevania series is coming to Netflix this July

Oh, Castlevania. Such a hit but always played second fiddle to the plumbers. It’s always been a hardcore fan favorite. Maybe its D&D fantasy feel is what separates it from the crowd, or it’s unnerving difficulty, however you slice it it’s a classic that fans adore. Now, they can enjoy…

Spider Man Homecoming 8 bit trailer 8-bit Film

[Extra bits] Spider Man: Homecoming trailer goes 8-bit

Yes, we have another version of Spider-Man coming soon to a theater near you. This time at least it’s in the creative hands of Marvel and their (hate it all you want it is impressive what they’ve done) unreal cinematic universe. After getting a very real and solid taste of…

Mario rubik's cube stop motion 8-bit Cool Stuff

Stop motion Mario using Rubik’s Cubes is…something

I actually don’t know where to file this one. It’s one of those…oh, that’s cool…but why? It’s certainly a feat in patience and organization. I’m also a fan of stop motion, so I’m not sure why I don’t like this more. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood. No clue….

8-bit beer for gamers 8-bit Cool Stuff

12 crafty gaming beers

There’s nothing like enjoying a good beer. Or playing a great game. Fortunately, we live in a great time for both. We’re in the middle of a beer renaissance where there is literally a flavor for everyone. It’s almost intimidating and annoying at the amount of options we have. We’re getting…