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RetroEngine Sigma is the all-in-one retro gaming system

Another day, another retro gaming console. The retro market is making such a comeback it’s becoming not retro anymore. We have plenty of classic gaming emulators out there; we have the NES Mini Classic (which I feel like I write about weekly but that’s because I’m lazy), we have the…

Shovel Knight Prequel 8-bit Spotlight

Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment is the prequel we need

If you haven’t checked out Shovel Knight yet – you should. It’s a fantastic indie game from Yacht Club Games that wonderfully captures that classic NES action style games. Well, thankfully we’ll be getting a sequel to the 2014 indie hit that is actually a prequel: Shovel Knight: Specter of…

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Ninja Gaiden’s soundtrack is getting remastered

30 years later the classic soundtrack is getting remastered and released on CD, vinyl (for the kids) and digitally. Brave Wave Productions is leading the charge in association with KOEI TECMO and the original composers. Original composer being┬áKeiji Yamagishi who, straight out of University, created the beloved soundtrack to one…

Defenders of the Triforce escape room 8-bit Cool Stuff

Legend of Zelda as an escape room game? Sign. Us. Up.

Escape rooms are generally a total blast. I did one here in Boston with co-workers a few years ago. We enjoyed it so much we even discussed plans of coming back. We didn’t. But this isn’t that story. I think the fun part of escape rooms is seeing how the…

nes lamp zapper 8-bit Cool Stuff

What’s cooler than The Clapper? The Zapper, obviously!

Amputated thumb in the above photo not included. Turning on a lamp should be fun and what better way than to use that old NES Zapper you have lying around. YouTuber user Wermy built this beauty with a couple arduinos, of course, and a few modifications to an NES Zapper….

8-bit Cool Stuff

Original Metroid soundtrack made with analog synths is…perfect

If there is one game that defines my childhood NES experience it’s Metroid. It was such a perfect game in every sense to me. From soundtrack to the world to the sci-fi awesomeness down to the amazing surprise at the end. Most 8-bit soundtrack recreations are done in chiptune style…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Extra bits] DIY a retro multi-system controller

It’s snowing here in Boston. The city is pretty much on lock down with an expected 8 – 12 inches of snow. A perfect day to get some gaming in and knock out some fun DIY projects by Ben Heck. This time around he builds a multi-system controller using the…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Nintendo released original manuals for the NES Classic Mini

Ok. Outside of not producing enough, which could be argued as the most important, Nintendo did an all around awesome job with the release of the NES Classic Mini. They brought back the old power hotline, the retro ads AND included digital versions of the original instruction manuals for each…