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Sony Promises GT5 On 11.24.10

  I’ve lost count of how many times Sony and Kazunori Yamauchi have stood me up with this game. It better be the goddamned masterpiece we’re all expecting.

Pixels Getting Full Happy Madison Treatment

From the 8bit Film news desk comes word that the same guy who writes most of the goofy, non-serious stuff Adam Sandler stars in has been hired to write the script for Pixels. If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be able to check out the short film after the break. The…

Donkey Kong Jenga = Awesome

We love playing Jenga, especially while drunk with our friends. So what could possibly be better than combining our passions for Jenga and classic gaming? Nothing. This is it. Buy it here and get us one for Christmas while you’re at it. [Amazon]

Et tu, Mario?

Slate has a nice story about the highs and lows of playing with other people. You should read it. [Slate]


What you are looking at is a R2-D2 shaped cooler, with eight gaming consoles, sound system, inputs and projector. Check it out here. Amazing. [The End]

DIY Racing Simulator Is The Next Project You’ll Never Finish

Go ahead. Download the 66 page instruction .pdf, gather you’re building materials, and even recruit a few friends to help you out and I’m still betting you’ll never finish it. Prove me wrong by sending us proof you finished the job and I’ll send you a very special 8bit prize….