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Nintendo Switch contains Golf emulator 8-bit Cool Stuff

The Switch contains an emulator with NES game ‘Golf’

This is a fun one. Modders have discovered a hidden emulator in the Nintendo Switch’s firmware. It’s described as “flog” NES emulator. What NES game does it emulate? Nintendo’s classic Golf obviously (In case you missed it “flog” backwards is Golf). What’s interesting about this find is that the game…

Very first NES ad 8-bit Cool Stuff

[DIY 8-bit] Build an NES game in C

I’m a big fan of DIY projects. From retro controllers to cosplay to retro consoles I think it’s the best way to learn and, of course, it pays off with some cool new toys you can call your own. This next project might be tough to top as it’s programming…

Castlevania 8-bit Cool Stuff

Things you maybe didn’t know about Castlevania

Or maybe you do. Who knows but you. But you can find out by checking out the video below from the folks at Did you know gaming? After you watch that you should fire up Netflix, if you haven’t already, and watch the new Castlevania series. It’s also only 4 episodes so…

Radiohead 8bit message Ok Computer remaster 8-bit Cool Stuff

Remastered ‘OK Computer’ includes a secret 8-bit message

I like Easter Eggs. I like Radiohead. I like OK Computer. Putting a hidden 8-bit message in the Remastered version of OK Computer, that, I love. In Radiohead’s recently released remaster they included a nice little message that can only be uncovered using a British 8-bit ZX Spectrum computer, or…

NES titles painted over 8-bit Cool Stuff

NES fan art looks like remastered versions of classics

I’ve always been a stickler for keeping the classics as is. I rarely like when bands cover songs as I feel the original loses it’s sense when taken out of context. I always prefer to see an old NES turned into a working NES…not some lunchbox or flower box for…