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Ubisoft To Use Satellite Tech for Upcoming HAWX Title

Ubisoft is taking game design to the next level, no pun intended, by using satellite imagery from the Earth orbiting satellite, IKONOS, for its upcoming ’09 title: Tom Clancy’s HAWX. GeoEye are the owners of the satellite and have provided Ubisoft with images for 16 international locales including Rio de…

Congratulations to one of our own today!!

The [8bit office] is closed today to celebrate a wedding. One of our own is getting married today. An 8bit congrats to Tim and Jill!! Live long and….prosper and may the Force be with you or something like that. Most importantly thanks for having an open bar!!

Invader Continues Global Strike

Paris-based urban artist Invader goes around marking his turf with perminant aliens and space ships, usually in tile. He’s done it around the world and even sells kits for you to help him vandalize the planet. He’s got tons of evidence on his website. That’s him in the above picture…

Screenshot or Painting?

Well, if you guessed screenshot you’re wrong. This is one of many 8bit, and some 16bit, paintings done by a 26 yr old 8bit artist from Harrisburg, PA. Some of his pieces are for sale and all of them are pretty F’n cool. You can check out more of his…

Monday Cosplay

Welcome to the first [Monday Cosplay], what may or may not become a regular Monday feature here at [8bit] depending on reaction around the [8bit offices]. We start off with a fine example of the hobby that isn’t new, but is new to our site. That’s Jenni Karlberg in her…

The Game Libratory

The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts at UC San Diego is setting up what it calls a Game Libratory. Basically gaming resources you could imagine in one room. Kind of awesome. Check out the Game Libratory site (not much there). Notcot has some snapshots of the place…


Pac-Man + Zork = Pac-Txt. With just the backstory alone, this is something we at [8bit] can fully recommend. The short version: guy goes to party, drinks, talks about the bastard child of Zork and Pac-Man, goes home and creates. Brilliant. Type yourself up a game here. [notcot]

Brainwaves Doing More Than You Think

A research group from Keio University succeeded in the world’s first demonstration, with the help of a disabled person, to use brainwaves to chat and stroll through an online virtual world. The technology allowed a 41 year old male suffering from muscle disorder to stroll and chat in Second Life….

WTF You’re Driving In GTA

We here at [8bit] really like the car nuts at Jalopnik. They aren’t kidding when they call themselves obsessed. We especially like that, as we do, they constantly stretch what it means to cover the auto industry. Hell, they were all over Iron Man because there were a few classics…