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nes lamp zapper 8-bit Cool Stuff

What’s cooler than The Clapper? The Zapper, obviously!

Amputated thumb in the above photo not included. Turning on a lamp should be fun and what better way than to use that old NES Zapper you have lying around. YouTuber user Wermy built this beauty with a couple arduinos, of course, and a few modifications to an NES Zapper….

8-bit Cool Stuff

Original Metroid soundtrack made with analog synths is…perfect

If there is one game that defines my childhood NES experience it’s Metroid. It was such a perfect game in every sense to me. From soundtrack to the world to the sci-fi awesomeness down to the amazing surprise at the end. Most 8-bit soundtrack recreations are done in chiptune style…

8-bit Cool Stuff

[Extra bits] DIY a retro multi-system controller

It’s snowing here in Boston. The city is pretty much on lock down with an expected 8 – 12 inches of snow. A perfect day to get some gaming in and knock out some fun DIY projects by Ben Heck. This time around he builds a multi-system controller using the…

8-bit Cool Stuff

Nintendo released original manuals for the NES Classic Mini

Ok. Outside of not producing enough, which could be argued as the most important, Nintendo did an all around awesome job with the release of the NES Classic Mini. They brought back the old power hotline, the retro ads AND included digital versions of the original instruction manuals for each…

Famicom Unboxing 8-bit Cool Stuff

Ultimate Famicom unboxing

The unboxing ritual we see captured on every tech blog isn’t anything new. Since the dawn of new packaged technology, people have been unboxing. The excitement. The first smell of new plastic. The organizing and accounting for all expected parts within their own individual packaging is all part of it….

Game Frame Pixel Art 8-bit Cool Stuff

Game Frame lets you show off your pixel art

Sometimes you just need to show off your love of pixel art in a classy looking display. Game Frame allows you to do just that. The LED display let’s you display custom made or preloaded pixel art via an SD card. It’s like a photo frame but for you digital…

Overwatch NES 8-bit Cool Stuff

[Extra bits] Overwatch as a sidescrolling NES classic

I might be one of the few that doesn’t quite get Overwatch. By me even saying that I’m sure the internet can feel a disturbance in the force. I have plenty of friends who love it. I tried it but it was just too much for me. I’m realizing, in…

Mini Famicom 8-bit Cool Stuff

Mini Famicom is cooler than your Mini NES Classic

All that NES Classic Mini hype and I completely forgot about, the O.G. of consoles, the Famicom which also got similar mini treatment. If you happened to actually get an NES mini this may make your cool factor drop a bit. But, really, if anyone has the Famicom Mini it’s…