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Gameband by Atari 8-bit Crap

Gameband is Atari’s gamer watch that might tell time too

I have no use for a smart watch. Just getting that out of the way before I go on a little rant about Atari’s Gameband. Gameband, so you know, is a smart watch for gamers. Because gamers need another, much smaller, mobile device to play games on. Gameband comes in two…

Mario rubik's cube stop motion 8-bit Cool Stuff

Stop motion Mario using Rubik’s Cubes is…something

I actually don’t know where to file this one. It’s one of those…oh, that’s cool…but why? It’s certainly a feat in patience and organization. I’m also a fan of stop motion, so I’m not sure why I don’t like this more. Maybe I’m just in a bad mood. No clue….

Mega Man Mobile Android and iOS 8-bit Crap

Mega Man Mobile is mega disaster?

Mega Man is quintessential classic NES gaming. From music, to characters to it being…unbelievably difficult. So it being released on mobile platforms is both exciting but also a bit concerning. Concerning because I haven’t played a classic game on mobile yet that can handle the old D-pad correctly. I’m looking…

Netflix Original 8-bit game 8-bit Crap

[Extra bits] Even Netflix has a side-scrolling game

Wait a minute, wait a minute. What have we here, gentlemen? Looks like Netflix have themselves an RV er…a side-scrolling infinite runner. This one has been floating around for a bit now. Don’t think it’s gotten too much attention because it’s pretty boring after two attempts, but hey, what else do…

8-bit Crap

8-bit beer is smoother than you’d expect

I went to Denver a couple months ago for a beer festival. The Great American Beer Festival to be exact. It was a great weekend of food, beer and friends. One evening we decided to stay in at our AirBnB and take it easy. I mean, we had been at…

8-bit Crap

[Extra Bits] Nike and EA build the ultimate soccer boot

In celebration of the 24th anniversary of EA’s FIFA (you’d think they’d do this at 25 not 24?) the company partnered with Nike to create the ugliest most ostentatious 16-bit cleat, boot, soccer shoe out there. EA has been releasing FIFA games since 1994 which is quite the milestone. I’m not a…

8-bit Crap

[No bits] Super Mario Run is Super Mario Meh

This December Nintendo will jump into the mobile gaming market with Super Mario Run. Super Mario Run looks like…a Mario Brothers game that we’ve already seen. It feels like a weak sauce entry into the mobile market and some are concerned that it will tarnish Nintendo’s image of being unique,…

8-bit Crap

Atari and the Internet of Things is a…thing

Some partnerships make sense, like, peanut butter and jelly. Others, like the recent partnership between Atari (yes, that Atari) and SigFox (“the world’s leading provider of dedicated communications service for the Internet of Things”), are a bit more head scratching. Reading the press release it sounds like a pure branding…

8-bit Crap

Get 8bits on your feet with Vans Nintendo themed sneakers

Vans have been known to do themed sneakers from Star Wars to Disney to the Beatles. Now, it’s Nintendo and the 8bit world. I’m filing this under 8bit Cool Stuff and Crap because it’s a split for me. I, personally, wouldn’t be caught dead in these but that’s me. I also have…