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8-bit Crap

Link never gets the credit he deserves

Ever wonder why it’s called Legend of Zelda when it’s really Link who does all the legendary stuff? Well, Dorkly gives a nice explanation in the fun video below. It never actually crossed my mind. The only thing that did was I always thought these 8-bit Princesses needed tighter security. [via: gameinformer source:…

8-bit Crap

Super Mario Bros. Parkour…cause why not?

Everybody enjoys a good old Parkour video. Especially one that is Mario Bros. themed. Dark  Pixels is the maker of this suburban part II…if you feel lost check out part I. [via: Gameinformer | source: Dark Pixels]

8-bit Crap

Mario and Mercedes hand in hand…again

It’s one of those team-ups that I get…but don’t. This isn’t the first time Mario and Mercedes have paired up for an ad campaign, which led to a weird/creepy real-world Mario. This time you can unlock a “costume” that turns Mario into a Mercedes GLA. You can unlock this add-on…

8-bit Crap

[Rant] I don’t think I want a Mega Man movie

This news has been bouncing around for awhile. But sounds like 20th Century Fox wants to make it a reality. The idea of a Mega Man movie at first split second makes me happy. It combines the two things I love – an old school gaming character I grew up…

NES Flash Drive Works, but is Completely Inefficient

This is one of those mods that is cool in that ‘oh-that’s-neat’ kinda way but is completely useless. I still don’t understand why people mod old Nintendos to do pointless things – I’m still on the bandwagon of just make them work consistently. Then I’ll be impressed. But if you’re…

This NES Guitar Mod Sounds Like Sh**, Go Figure

File this under useless but cool. GetLoFi.com hacked together a perfectly working guitar with an NES to create this working guitar that sounds like its playing through a speaker that was knifed to death. To each his own.  This one of a kind, no really there is only one right…

UK PSA Uses 8bit Video to Teach Gamers About Safe Sex

I guess this is one way to connect with the kids. It definitely gets the point across in an easy and semi-funny way. But who are they kidding – gamers are too busy, you know, gaming to get laid. This educational video is brought to us by The Leicestershire Teenage…