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Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ is still a terror in this 8-bit remake

It’s not Christmas. I know. But does it matter? Our friends, CineFix…actually I shouldn’t say that…I know no one over there…I’ve never talked to them…or even tried to…so I can’t even begin to declare them friends.  I just feel I’ve shared so many of their videos…and we have such similar…

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[Extra Bits] Star Wars Rogue One as an 8-bit game

So this, as always, is a cool 8-bit version of Rogue One from the folks at CineFix. A film that I thoroughly enjoyed in case you were wondering. You probably weren’t but it’s my post so…there. I’m surprised they didn’t include any other secondary characters…or at least a quick cut…

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[Extra Bits] ‘The Revenant’ gets retro gaming treatment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Leo and I have a love / hate relationship. I’ve only liked him in a few films and that doesn’t include Titanic or Romeo + Juliet. I think I’m still bitter over his thievery ways with the Seavers Christmans gifts….

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Atari pushing ‘Missile Command’ & ‘Centipede’ movies

File under things I don’t need in my life – a ‘Missile Command’ & ‘Centipede’ movie. While Hollywood struggles for original content and focused more than ever on the super hero (which I have no issues with unless they’re terrible) the video game genre has always been ripe for the…

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Extra Bits – Star Wars Rogue One 16-bit trailer

At first, the thought of spin off Star Wars films scared me. It’s clearly Disney milking the cash cow – which makes sense – they did invest a few dollars for this. But at what end? At what point do we need every detail from the original trilogy explained in…

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Captain America: Civil War 8-bit trailer

If you haven’t seen Civil War yet – I highly suggest you do. It’s a blast and, like Winter Soldier before it, a really good movie. I always enjoy these 8-bit (although more 16-bit at times) trailers. This one nails it again. The sound track is perfect and they manage…

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[Watch] Mad Max 16-bit Fury Road

8-bit might be in the title of this video but it seems more 16-bit to me. But I think we can let this one slide. Mad Max Fury Road was an awesome action flick. One of the best in recent years. It also makes for a great side scrolling Double Dragon-esque video game….

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Nintendo Quest is the quest we wish we could make

There is no denying the awesomeness that is the NES. It started a cultural phenomenon and paved the way for mass consumption gaming. We all know there are tons and tons of games for the NES. Some we didn’t even see in the states – making it all that more…

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[Watch] 8-bit Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This wouldn’t make for a good game but the 8-bit music is spot on. Ferris Bueller is easily in my top list of favorite films. The sweet spot of 80’s cinematic awesomeness. One of those flicks that I can’t wait to watch with my nephew, and explain why people are…