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‘It’ browser game is an easy distraction

I don’t get really excited for horror flicks. I like them here and there, and prefer the psychological horror more than straight up gore fests. Think that’s why I’m looking forward to the new ‘It’. I’ve seen the original TV movie and it was ok at the time, became more…

Thor Ragnarok 8bit trailer 8-bit Film

[Extra bits] Thor: Ragnarok 16-bit trailer

Of all the Marvel flicks in the MCU I’d say, and only my opinion, that the standalone Thor and Hulk films are the weakest of the bunch. I’ve heard Thor: Dark Worlds is actually pretty good but have yet to take the time to see if that claim is true…

Wonder Woman 8-bit trailer 8-bit Film

[Extra bits] Wonder Woman 8-bit trailer

I recently caught a showing of Wonder Woman and must say it was a fun flick. Easily the best of the current DC universe, which I know isn’t saying much but it means something for DC to turn around their shit show of a film universe. It had the right…

Spider Man Homecoming 8 bit trailer 8-bit Film

[Extra bits] Spider Man: Homecoming trailer goes 8-bit

Yes, we have another version of Spider-Man coming soon to a theater near you. This time at least it’s in the creative hands of Marvel and their (hate it all you want it is impressive what they’ve done) unreal cinematic universe. After getting a very real and solid taste of…

Home Alone 8-bit trailer 8-bit Film

Kevin from ‘Home Alone’ is still a terror in this 8-bit remake

It’s not Christmas. I know. But does it matter? Our friends, CineFix…actually I shouldn’t say that…I know no one over there…I’ve never talked to them…or even tried to…so I can’t even begin to declare them friends.  I just feel I’ve shared so many of their videos…and we have such similar…

Star Wars Rogue One 8-bit game 8-bit Film

[Extra Bits] Star Wars Rogue One as an 8-bit game

So this, as always, is a cool 8-bit version of Rogue One from the folks at CineFix. A film that I thoroughly enjoyed in case you were wondering. You probably weren’t but it’s my post so…there. I’m surprised they didn’t include any other secondary characters…or at least a quick cut…

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[Extra Bits] ‘The Revenant’ gets retro gaming treatment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Leo and I have a love / hate relationship. I’ve only liked him in a few films and that doesn’t include Titanic or Romeo + Juliet. I think I’m still bitter over his thievery ways with the Seavers Christmans gifts….